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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sballo a Rapallo.

The experience in Rapallo at the IVDC was GIGAWESOME!
I had the chance to meet so many amazing people and make tons of friends!
Here just a few from the Indie Shelter , UNA games , and 10th Art Studio

Not mentioning all the celebrities I met!
It was like being a groupie in Duran Duran's backstage!

Here I'm with Ian Livingstone, co-founder of Fighting Fantasy (a roleplaying gamebook series) and Games Workshop!

Here I'm with Warren Spector, famous role-playing and video games designer. He created System Shock and one of my favorite game of all times,
Deus Ex! Now he works with Disney.

Here, from left to right, there are Dan Marshall from Size Five games, an amazing indie guy who is now freaking famous due to his awesome games! The guy in the middle is Jason della Rocca, he know tons of video games, he is super cool and I bet he knows Kung-Fu. Next to him is Matthew Hopper, creative director at Id Software (do I have to say anything else? of course not!). The lovely lady to the right is Erika from UNA games.

The only one I missed was American McGee. I had no idea what an amazing guy he is, but know I know!

Last, but not least, here I'm on stage with my colleague Matteo (from HeartBit), Dan Marshall, Fabio (the Indie Shelter) and long hair-dude from DarkWave during a speech. Yeah, I know, I'm awesome!

Well, what can I say except MITICI!

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