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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Doom & Destiny updates

Doom & Destiny is constantly updated!
Well, not constantly because it takes a LOT of time.
Yeah, you might not believe it, but making dungeons, creating monsters with attacks and animations, rewards, new powers, side quest, towns and God knows what, requires a lot of work.
Not mentioning that adding stuff always create problem with what you already done and testing a 15 hours game it's getting harder and harder...
BUT do not worry!
We are working on the 1.3 version.
It will feature the ship (finally!) and a super sidequest involving 7 lovely dwarfs.
So be prepared to some a new nerdy adventure, FOR FREE!!!


  1. AnonymousJune 15, 2012

    it takes 5 months!?! wow this must be good

  2. ehehe, mr anonymous. this update is good, but we didn't spent 5 months on it. we were working on other projects :D

  3. So, when can we expect an update? I don't even know if I've done everything I can yet. This game is awesome. Easily worth 10 bucks instead of the 1 that I paid.

  4. thanks Tony!
    the update is under microsoft review. a few more days and it will be live on xbox!